Tree Breeders need efficient ways to manage their data

No doubt that Gemview is a great software, by far the best I saw on the market.

- Rodrigo Neves Graca, FuturaGene

 Accelerate your genetic gain by utilising information effectively.

Gemview allows you to utilise many years of data more effectively by having all of your breeding program data, pedigrees, breeding values, and supporting information available at your fingertips.

Gemview is an online cloud based platform. You can access your data using any web browser from anywhere in the world by logging in to your own Gemview account.

Gemview is quick and easy to use. The program is intuitive and requires no special training, so every user can make informed decisions from using all the data and information available.

Gemview stores all supporting documentation for your breeding program including reports, maps, photos, field notes, and breeding values. It includes powerful document searching, which allows you to easily find any document that you require.

Gemview can store any type of field trial or lab based data including single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and Forestry Permanent Sample Plots (PSP).

Data extraction into Excel or other files requires no specialized database knowledge. You can easily view the data that is available for extraction and chose what to extract by ticking boxes.

Gemview can extract raw data in a multitude of formats ready for analysis. You can easily subset data by trial, trait, genetic entity or age of assessment.

Gemview can calculate and extract summary statistics for genetic entities by Trial or for individual plants in seconds. Data files can be produced with these data summaries alongside of breeding values, and automatically include comments containing descriptions and definitions.


Gemview calculates pedigree statistics for any subset of genotypes. Pedigree files for input to BLUP software can be produced at the same time as raw data is extracted.

Gemview can help you reach your breeding goals. Using all of your data more effectively leads to better breeding decisions and increases the genetic performance of your crop.