Putting Genetics to Work

Gemstock tracks the production of materials created by a breeding program and provides up to date genetic inventories.  

Gemstock provides chain of custody tracking for any type of plant tissue, from seeds, pollen, scions and tissue culture to production nursery plants, so that these can be efficiently traced back to their source.

Track Production and Storage


  • Control crossing

  • Pollen collection and storage

  • Seed collection and storage

  • Scion collection and grafting

  • Cone collection and storage

  • Breeding archive establishment, and management

  • Tissue culture capture, storage and multiplication

  • Stool bed establishment and management and rooted cutting production

  • Nursery stock production


Define your own production processes

Gemstock allows flexible definition of processes so that you can specify procedures that are used in your own breeding operations to suit your requirements. Gemstock is intended to support tracking of production and storage of any genetic material produced by your breeding program.


Enjoy complete integration

Gemstock is fully integrated with Gemview to insure integrity of information and to allow full tracking of plant germplasm. The same pedigree information is used in both to ensure integrity of information. Plant germplasm can be traced back to a specific plant in a trial or seed orchard. It can also be traced back to a set of plants in cases where information kept about sources is more general than at the level of a specific tree.  


Make informed selection and production decisions with Gemstock