How To in Gemview: Find information with Gemview Browse

One of the most useful things about Gemview is that you can very quickly find information on Trials, Genetic Entities, and Traits. Browse screens are very useful for this and can be used to find a wide range of information. For example, use browse screens when you need to do things like:

1. find a list of Trials in the Central North region,

2. identify Trials established between 2000 and 2005,

3. specify how many genotypes are in the genetics program of Tree Improvement Ltd.,

4. know where a Selection is planted that that starts with ‘2RP’ and is the offspring of parent 157.486,

5. find the parents and a list of Trials where Full-sib Family 106 is planted, or

6. know how Trait RW_IN was measured.

and more.

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