How to in Gemview: Calculate Coancestry Statistics

Question: I would like to make crosses among a group of parents. How can I make sure that I avoid inbreeding?
Answer: Extract a file which displays coancestry statistics and avoid crosses with a coancestry greater than zero.

Do you need to view the coancestry statistics of a group of genotypes in your breeding program?

Coancestry statistics are easy to calculate and extract using Gemview, and can be displayed in several formats using the Pedigree Extract function.

You can choose to:

• Output only the lower triangular coancestry matrix rather than the full matrix,

• Exclude the display of coancestry values that are zero,

• Colour code different levels of coancestry, and

• Output coancestry statistics in a list form as an alternative to the matrix format.

The Pedigree extract also outputs separate worksheets with 1) the pedigree of all Selections chosen to be included, and 2) inbreeding statistics.

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