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Gemnetics forms alliance with AbacusBio to Enrich Breeding Software


Gemnetics is delighted to announce an alliance with AbacusBio aimed at the provision of software for plant and animal breeding. AbacusBio, based in Dunedin, are international leaders in animal breeding and agribusiness consulting. We aim to strengthen both companies’ service provision to our clients in the primary sectors, which are perennial plant breeding in the case of Gemnetics, and animal and aquaculture breeding in the case of AbacusBio. We expect the alliance to bring together the expertise and many years of experience of both organisations in primary sector breeding to further develop our intelligent software to lift gains in primary sector productivity.

AbacusBio was incorporated in 2006 and supports around 30 staff, including three based in Edinburgh and several postgraduate students. Their specialist analysts and experts in genetics and data analysis work across genetic improvement programmes in the sheep, beef, dairy and farmed finfish industries, and are expanding core business activities to complement broader interests across insects (bees) and plants (forage improvement). The AbacusBio AniCloud platform is a cloud-based application designed to enable collection of any data for any species, anywhere in the world. For AbacusBio Managing Director Anna Campbell, “the alliance with Gemnetics will enhance our service provision to our existing agribusiness clients, and assist both organisations in pursuing new opportunities in plant breeding worldwide”.

Working together, the two companies plan to better serve the needs of their plant and animal breeding clients by:

  1. Accelerating synergies that will arise from combining their substantial knowledge and experience of plant and animal breeding, and
  2. Jointly developing software tools for plant and animal breeders.


Neville Jopson and Peter Amer of AbacusBio Ltd., and Sue and Mike Carson, founders of Gemnetics Ltd.

For more information on AbacusBio, click here. For more information about Gemnetics' products and services, click here or contact us.