Putting Genetics to Work
Our people form the heart of Gemnetics.
We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to streamline their data management needs and accelerate their breeding efforts.

Jude Sise

Managing Director

Jude joined the Gemnetics team in 2020 and brings over 30 years of experience in laboratory services, farm systems, and genetics. She has held a range of governance and management roles within AbacusBio and has been involved in a wide range of software development projects. She has also been project manager and lead consultant on many consulting projects and enjoys collaborative and positive working relationships with a wide range of clients. 

Jude originally trained in medical laboratory technology, holds a Master's degree in Applied Science from Lincoln University, and has also completed the Company Directors course administered by the NZ Institute of Directors. 

Office location: Dunedin

Email: jsise@gemnetics.com

Mike Carson

Business Development

Mike has over 30 years research experience first at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute as a tree breeder and in senior management positions overseeing genetic and propagation research, then in private consulting. He has published over 100 scientific papers.

Mike holds a BSc (Hon, 1st Class) in Forestry from University of Canterbury and a PhD in Forest Genetics from North Carolina State University.

Mike has contributed to the development of Gem from its inception, and attributes a considerable amount of success in achieving superior genetic gains to Gemview.

Office location: Rotorua

Email: mcarson@gemnetics.com

Sharl Liebergreen

Business Development

Sharl works closely with a wide range of clients and stakeholders including farmers, breeding companies, and governments around the world. His strength lies in educating and helping clients realise the benefits of novel software and technologies for better outcomes and sustainability. 

Sharl holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science from Massey University, New Zealand. 

Office location: Dunedin

Email: sliebergreen@gemnetics.com

Judy Hayes

Data Administrator and Client Relations

Judy has extensive experience in database administration and trial management and has managed large databases at both Scion and private companies for over 25 years. Judy also has extensive experience with trial installation, trial assessment and data analysis, Judy has co-authored over 50 scientific publications and technical articles for the forestry industry.

Judy holds a BSc in Biological Science from Victoria University with an emphasis on Genetics.

Judy has been working with Gem since its inception. She oversees Gemnetics operations and works closely with Merlin on testing new software developments. Her attention to detail and ability to sort out data inconsistencies is exceptional.

Office location: Rotorua

Email: jhayes@gemnetics.com

Helen Chapman

Data Administrator and Client Relations

Helen has worked as a Technical Forester and Manager for over 10 years. In 2006 Helen began consulting to forestry companies in New Zealand, specializing in disease resistance monitoring, trial installation, management and assessment.

Helen holds a BSc in Forestry from University of Canterbury and Certificate in Forest Health Surveillance.

Helen has been on the Gemnetics team since 2010. Helen manages data import for several clients, and is working with Merlin to develop and implement Gemstock. Helen brings a forest manager’s perspective to data usage, that is, a great attention to detail as well as keeping the big picture in firm focus.

Office location: Rotorua

Email: hchapman@gemnetics.com

Paula Le Sauvage

Data Administrator and Client Relations

Paula was born and raised on Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She worked in Trust and Company administration and management for over 18 years before moving to NZ in 2003.

Paula holds a BTec Higher National Certificate in Business Studies.

Paula has been part of the Gemnetics team since 2009. She has exceptional accuracy and efficiency with data input and management.

Office location: Rotorua

Email: plesauvage@gemnetics.com

Sue Carson

Genetics Advisor

Sue has over 30 years of experience with management and analysis of field research trials including breeding trials, yield monitoring plots, and genomics data at the USDA Forest Service, the New Zealand Forest Research Institute, and private consulting, publishing over 100 scientific papers.

Sue holds a BS (with Distinction) in Natural Resource Management, a MS in Forest Pathology from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in Forest Genetics from North Carolina State University.

Sue is currently retired but still maintains a keen interest in the application of our software products.

Email: scarson@gemnetics.com 

Merlin McKenzie

Software Development

Merlin specialises in the development of commercial software and systems for the commercial forestry sector, and had a part in creating some of New Zealand’s first database applications for management of plantation forests. In 1997, he established Centralis Ltd, a company specialising in corporate information systems design and development.

Merlin holds a BSc in Mathematics from Canterbury University, and an MS in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Merlin designed the Gem software and has headed its development since its inception.

Email: mmckenzie@gemnetics.com