Putting Genetics to Work

Data software for plant breeders

At Gemnetics we use software to help plant breeders make effective decisions in a simple way – that makes a lasting impact on their genetic improvement decisions.

The Gem platform and the Gemview database portal was conceived by Sue and Mike Carson and Merlin McKenzie in 2001. The software was created as a means to organise and store large volumes of data, and to be able to share breeding data remotely. Gemview went on to fully integrate trial data with pedigree information and breeding values, and to provide an easy way to extensively reformat data for a wide range of analyses aimed at answering important breeding questions.

Gemnetics was formed in 2005 to enable licensing of Gemview to other interested parties, and is now used by a range of organisations to enhance their breeding programmes in radiata pine, oil palm, manuka, and mahogany. At the same time, Sue, Mike, and Merlin also began developing Gemstock to provide chain of custody tracking and inventory management for any kind of material – from seeds or pollen through to production plants and trees.

In 2019, Gemnetics merged with global agribusiness consultancy firm AbacusBio. This venture complements both our plant and animal breeding methodologies under the name AbacusBio for operations and Gemnetics for specific plant-breeding software. We are proud to be able to offer a New Zealand-made speciality product to this market. We also enjoy close working relationships with a wide range of diverse clients, and are happy to gain feedback and discuss options for use of our products and services at any time.

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Gemview has allowed us to answer important questions, including those about performance of the germplasm, or if a particular test/trial has already been conducted and what are the outputs.

Luc Bonneau, Head of Research, New Britain Palm Oil Limited

AbacusBio are international leaders in animal breeding and agribusiness consulting.

Working together, Gemnetics and AbacusBio aim to better serve the needs of both plant and animal breeders.